Bedroom Design Ideas for Better Sleep and Comfort

Bedroom Design Ideas for Better Sleep and Comfort

RISMEDIA, September 30, 2010–Creating a relaxing and comfortable bedroom environment is an important part of getting better sleep. Bay Area interior designer Lisa Staprans offers these interior design ideas for bedroom designs that enhance sleep and rejuvenation.

* Keep the bedroom uncluttered. What is in the room should bring you joy and a sense of peace and calm.

* Select artwork that is personal and inspiring.

* Choose bedroom colors that make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Add splashes of color with a beautiful coverlet or pillows made from an amazing textile. Stay away from fussy fabrics.

* Have a variety of lighting options, including ambient and reading lights.

* An upholstered headboard adds comfort and softens the room.

* For stability and harmony, anchor the bed against a wall

* Invest in high quality and beautiful linens: pillows, comforters and mattress pads. They feel great and last longer.

* Have a mix of pillow sizes. Among Staprans’ personal favorites is a small Camille travel pillow from McRoskey Mattress Company. She says it’s a perfect neck pillow for reading in bed.

* Build your bedroom around a high-quality, comfortable mattress set.

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