Buying a Santa Clarita Home: How to Reduce Stress

Buying a Santa Clarita Home: How to Reduce Stress

If you’re preparing to buy a Santa Clarita home, you may already be thinking about the stress of interviewing real estate agents, searching for homes and getting a mortgage.
Here are 7 ways to reduce the stress often associated with buying a Santa Clarita home:

  1. Hire a real estate agent who fits your personality. Find someone who you trust, who communicates well with you, and who you feel comfortable being around.
  2. Listen to your agent. Once you’ve hired an agent you trust, listen to his advice. Don’t stress yourself out by second guessing him. You hired him because he’s an expert, so relax and take his recommendations.
  3. Have it your way. Make decisions based on your needs and desires, not those of your parents or friends.
  4. Get early mortgage approval. The best time to shop for your mortgage is before you start shopping for a house. Get approved for your mortgage, and then start your house search.
  5. Know when to give in. Are you really going to let that $500 the sellers refuse to give up keep you from owning the home you want? Successful negotiation depends on both parties doing some give and take.
  6. Focus on the positive. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a home that meets all your needs, wants and desires. Focus on the positive aspects of the home you’ve chosen such as location, comfort and safety; don’t worry about the minor negatives that can easily be changed such as the lime green wallpaper or the shag carpet.
  7. Expect buyer’s remorse. After making any big purchase, a little buyer’s remorse is bound to happen. Remind yourself of all the things you like about your new Santa Clarita home, and the buyer’s remorse will pass.

If you’re in the market for a new Santa Clarita home, I can help you accomplish your real estate goals while keeping stress to a minimum. Give me a call today at [661-714-3764] or email me at [] for more information.

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