7 Tips for a Smell-able Santa Clarita Home for Sale

7 Tips for a Smell-able Santa Clarita Home for Sale

In today’s competitive real estate market, any little advantage you have over the competition can make the difference between a quick sale and a house that lingers. Sellers usually receive plenty of advice on how to make their Santa Clarita home for sale look good, but most stop there. Your house looks its best, so make sure it smells its best, too.

Below are seven dos and don’ts to make your house smell as good as it looks.

Keep frozen cookie dough on hand. Fresh baked cookies are always a hit at open houses.  You can also quickly pop some frozen cookie dough in the oven when a potential buyer drops in on short notice.

  1. Throw a lemon down the garbage disposal. Nothing says fresh and clean like the smell of citrus. Slice a lemon into a few pieces and run them through the disposal right before the potential buyers show up.
  2. Brew coffee. Especially for those early Saturday open houses, the smell of coffee might perk them up so they’ll be sure to notice the best assets of your Santa Clarita home for sale.
  3. Pop popcorn. It smells delicious and can be made in 3 minutes. Even if you’re pressed for time, you can still manage to pop a bag in the microwave.  Just make sure you don’t burn it because the smell of burned popcorn lingers.
  4. AVOID heavily scented air fresheners and candles. Depending on the scent, these can be too overwhelming for a lot of noses. You also don’t want buyers to think you’re trying to cover up a bad odor.
  5. Clear the kitty litter. For all the cat lovers, make sure your litter box is cleaned and put away. The smell of a litter box, especially in a multi-cat household, automatically turns off a lot of buyers.
  6. Make sure your pantry is up to par. From time to time, anyone can forget about a potato or onion past its prime. Rotting food isn’t the detail you want buyers to remember after they leave.

If you need more suggestions on how to freshen up your Santa Clarita home for sale, call me at [661-714-3764] or email me at [tim@timsells.net].

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