Non-toxic Ways to Control Bugs in Your Santa Clarita Home

Non-toxic Ways to Control Bugs in Your Santa Clarita Home

Summer time and the livin’ is buggy. But before you run and start spraying pesticides, wait! Do you really want those nasty chemicals in your Santa Clarita home, where you live, eat and breathe? Here are some non-toxic alternative methods to control bugs:

  • Keep it clean. Just like your mother said, don’t let dirty dishes pile up, and don’t leave spills and crumbs on kitchen counters. If you do, you’ll be inviting ants and worse into your Santa Clarita home.
  • Use boric acid. You can get this odorless powder at any drug store. It can be hard to find though, so just ask the pharmacist where it is. It’s cheap, safe and effective. Just sprinkle it lightly wherever you’ve seen critters, especially along cracks and crevices.
  • Trap them. When it’s fresh fruit and tomato season, it’s fruit fly season. Who knows where they come from, but there they are. Here’s how to make a simple fruit fly trap: Put a dash of beer, wine or sugar water and yeast in a jar. Then cut the very corner off of a plastic bag and poke that corner down into the jar, keeping it above the liquid level. Secure the bag to the jar with a rubber band, and you have a funnel leading fruit flies in, but they can’t find their way back out.
  • Live and let live. They may be hairy, they may be scary, but spiders are doing you a favor. They’re every other bug’s worst nightmare. But ok, you don’t want them inside. Here’s the safest, most nonviolent, good-karma way to get them out: Get a clear glass or jar and place it over the spider. Then use a stiff card like a postcard to slide under it. This acts as a lid on the jar to keep the spider in. Simply take it outside and release the spider to live another day. Show the kids how to do this, and you won’t find any more bugs smashed on your walls.

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