Do Try This at Your Santa Clarita Home: Money-Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Do Try This at Your Santa Clarita Home: Money-Saving Tips in the Kitchen

We all need more ways to save household money. This is not about wearing a hair shirt;
these money-saving tips are about improving your quality of life and making
your Santa Clarita home more ‘homey.’

  • Get a bread machine and use it. Noticed the price of bread lately? It’s not going down either. And there isn’t a loaf in the store that can compare to fresh-baked bread with truly all natural ingredients you choose yourself. The aroma of fresh bread in your Santa Clarita home is another bonus. A bread machine makes it easy, and won’t heat up your kitchen like turning on the oven does.
  • Try meat-less Mondays. If this sounds dreary, you need to
    expand your horizons! Some of the best food out there is vegetarian. Go online and check it out. You’ll not only save money, your health may improve too.
  • Cook from scratch. You can save a bundle by cooking with real, non-packaged food. It will taste so much better; you won’t believe you used to eat that boxed/canned/prefab stuff. If you think you don’t have time for this, learn how to use a pressure cooker. Like the bread machine, it’s an investment that will pay for itself in no time.
  • Brew your own coffee. Instead of spending big bucks grabbing a cup of joe ‘to go’ at the coffee shop, make it at your Santa Clarita home for a fraction of the cost and pour it into a travel mug or thermos. Make it the way you like by adding cream, sugar, or other flavors like chocolate, hazelnut or caramel. If you make your own coffee every day, you’ll literally save hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Use your dishwasher efficiently. Don’t run it until it is full of
    dirty dishes. Don’t use the drying phase, as this uses lots of energy. It’s
    best to open the door soon after it’s finished cleaning; this way steam will
    escape before condensing on the dishes and they will dry quicker than if kept
    closed for hours.

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