Emotional Mistakes Santa Clarita Real Estate Sellers Make

Emotional Mistakes Santa Clarita Real Estate Sellers Make

More than likely, you’ve cooked dinners, you’ve played games and you’ve made thousands of memories within the personally decorated walls of your home — and now you think you’re ready to move on. No matter the reason for selling your Santa Clarita real estate, getting emotional is normal. However, you need to keep those emotions in check, because they could be detrimental to closing the deal.

Emotional calls constantly get sellers in troubling situations that make them regret their split decisions. A snide remark, too-low offer or fixer-up request from the buyer can push your buttons, but you need to set your feelings aside in order to do what’s best for your financial future. Below are emotional mistakes that can stop negotiations and put you in housing hot water!

  • Overpricing  faux pas – Just because your sweat is worth a lot to you
    doesn’t mean that your property’s value will reflect the years of hard work,
    cleaning, upgrades and love you’ve put into it. Do your research. If there are
    comparable houses in your neighborhood at lower price points, reduce your
    listing price so that you’ll be a contender for buyers.
  • Negative negotiating Even though you may not want to entertain low
    offers, listen to your Santa Clarita real estate agent. He or she has been through hundreds of negotiations and is your best bet for closing the deal at a fair price.
  • Personal injuries – Don’t let buyer biases get to your personal ego
    and cause you to reject a potential purchaser. Remember, you are selling this
    house and moving on; they’ll be able to do whatever they want once they own it
  • Mourning the sale – The memories go with you, so don’t have any
    second thoughts. Concentrate on making new happy moments in your future home.

Don’t let sentimental seller’s syndrome cause you to blow a fuse, have  seller’s remorse, or worst of all, lose a sale. Eliminate emotions from the sale process in order to draw in buyers, get your money’s worth and sell quickly.

If you need help selling your Santa Clarita real estate, call me at [661-505-timv] or email me at [tim@timsells.net] for more information.  And check out my website at

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