Crack the Advertising Code of Santa Clarita Homes for Sale

Crack the Advertising Code of Santa Clarita Homes for Sale

Real estate has a language of its own, and I don’t just mean phrases like closing costs, short sales and foreclosures.  What I’m talking about are buzz words used to
advertise Santa Clarita homes for sale.

When you understand the typical meaning of these code words, you’ll be better able to determine which Santa Clarita homes for sale are worth looking at in person.

  • Cozy:  Look at this home if you don’t mind a much smaller than average home.
  • Rustic:  If you want a home in the country (or one that looks like it should be in the country), take a look at this one.
  • Move in Ready:  Usually means it’s vacant. 
  • Starter:  It’s smaller and less expensive than average homes in the area.  If you’re in the market for a starter home, this is the phrasing you want to look for.
  • Needs TLC: It probably needs more than just a little work.  If you don’t mind that, check it out for yourself to see how much work it really needs.
  • Handyman’s Special – Needs more work than TLC, which probably means you’ll need to hire professional contractors to get at least some of the work done.  If you like the home, have a home inspection to find all the problems and then negotiate for a good price.
  • Investor Special:  Best use of this property is to rent it out.
  • Investment in Land:  If there’s a house on the land, this means you’re probably wisest to tear down the home and rebuild.
  • I’m Beautiful Inside: The interior is nice, but something about the exterior is unappealing.  It could be something easy to fix like old siding and cracked concrete or something impossible to remedy like being on a busy street.
  • Honey, Stop the Car: This is a must-see home, if it fits your budget and needs.

If you’re looking at Santa Clarita homes for sale, let me help you crack the code.  I’ll help you find a home you’ll love and use my negotiation skills to get it at a great price.  Call me at [661-505-timv] or email me at [] for more information.  And check out my website at

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