How to Sell Haunted Santa Clarita Real Estate

How to Sell Haunted Santa Clarita Real Estate

With Halloween right around the corner, you’re probably planning costumes, decorating for fall and maybe becoming aware of eerie home happenings that you wouldn’t normally notice. While the prospect of living in a haunted home could be scary to some, the idea of selling spooked Santa Clarita real estate might be even more horrifying!

Rumored ghosts and past suspicious incidents could result in your home being moved from buyers’ purchase lists to their black lists. If you or your neighbors believe your home is haunted, take the following ghost-busting tactics into consideration before you put it on the market.

  • Follow the law – If you think your home is haunted, consult with a Santa Clarita real estate agent to ensure you’re following the law. Every state’s legal
    procedures are different. You could be obligated to notify potential buyers or face legal ramifications down the road — or you may not have to utter a word.
  • Squash the rumors – If you don’t think your home is haunted but others do, it falls into the category of stigmatized property, which includes all houses with perceived problems. Talk openly and lightheartedly about the rumored problems, and put an end to scary stories. Also, host a ton of open houses so buyers can experience the home’s aura for themselves.
  • Seek out professional haunting help – Believe it or not, some mediums make a living from clearing houses of negative energy, ghosts or whatever you want to call the eerie feeling people get inside your home. If your Santa Clarita real estate agent can tout that you’ve had your home cleansed of negative energy by professionals, you might be one step closer to a closing date.
  • Reduce and be rid – You might just have to bite the bullet and reduce the price drastically.  The goal is to entice an investor who isn’t planning on actually living in the home, but has other plans for it.

If the cat’s out of the bag about your home for sale being haunted, please call me at [661-505-timvw] or email me at [] for more ghost-busting information.

You can get more information or contact me on my website.  Or search for your next home at

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