Tips to Keep Your Santa Clarita Home Safe During the Holidays

Tips to Keep Your Santa Clarita Home Safe During the Holidays

Holidays are full of joy and family fun – and potential hazards all about. To maintain harmony and health in your Santa Clarita home this season, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Sparkly, Not Sparking, Electrical Safety: Plugging extension cords into extension cords into extension cords to create a wire farm of electricity can be a fire hazard. Blown circuit breakers are one sign that you’re overloading the capacity of your Santa Clarita home. Don’t wait for the sparks. If you are using lights outside, make sure that they are approved for outdoor, all-weather use.
  • Season of Light, Not of Fire: Never leave candles burning unattended or where pets or children can knock them over. Period. Flames are lovely only when contained in fireplaces and candlestick holders.
  • Balance in All Things: As you decorate your Santa Clarita home with wreathes, ornaments, nativity scenes, menorahs or dreidels, consider where and how you are piling them. Too many items perched on tabletops and mantles and dangled from wafer-thin supports may become unstable. If you have to add the word “probably” before “it’s secure,” re-do your approach.
  • Poison Control: Poinsettias, for instance, can be lethal for pets. Mistletoe is good for stealing kisses under but poisonous if eaten. Think about who and what has access to and interest in any new plants, foods, toys, or decorations you’re putting out for the season. Spot, Kitty and the kiddies may think new items look appetizing, from tinsel to food-shaped ornaments.
  • Respect the Power of Tools: If you only take your chain saw out once a year to cut the bottom off the tree, take a moment to review the manual and find your safety goggles. Additional reminder: the electric knife for the turkey should not be plugged in and left out.

The holiday season can be the harried and hurried season too. Be sure to take the time to make sure everyone survives the holidays in health and happiness.

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