How Is the Indoor Air Quality In Your Santa Clarita Home?

How Is the Indoor Air Quality In Your Santa Clarita Home?        

Now that winter is here, we’re spending more time indoors and keeping our homes closed up against the cold. These two factors mean we should pay more attention to the air quality in our homes. Here are some things to consider at your Santa Clarita home:

  • Ban the use of pesticides in your home. Insecticides are toxic to all life forms, not just insects. Many are carcinogenic. If you have a serious pest problem like roaches, try using boric acid against them. Otherwise, the occasional spider or beetle is not a real threat to you.
  • Simplify cleaning. Most commercially available cleaners are a stew of chemicals. You don’t need to be breathing their fumes. Instead, you can use baking soda and/or white vinegar for most jobs.
  • Ventilate the bathroom. In order to prevent mold and mildew in the steamy bathroom, it pays to use the exhaust fan when showering.
  • Use the range hood. If you cook with gas, those fumes are adding carbon monoxide and other pollutants to the air in your Santa Clarita home. Make sure your hood exhausts the fumes to the outdoors.
  • Get some houseplants. They not only add beauty and a bit of nature to your home, they also clean the air! Some of those known to be best include spider plants and philodendrons, both very easy to grow.
  • Don’t burn scented candles. Sorry, but the fact is, scented candles are a serious source of indoor air pollution. See the next tip for an alternative.
  • Use essential oils. You can use a diffuser to disperse essential oils that smell good and also kill germs and mold. Some of these include clove oil, cinnamon and lemon. If it’s the flame that you love, invest in pure beeswax candles, but never leave a lit candle unattended.

If you’d like to find a Santa Clarita home with great indoor air quality (as well as other great qualities), I can help. Give me a call today at [661-505-timv] or email me at [].

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