2012 Could Be Your Year to Buy a Second Home in Santa Clarita

2012 Could Be Your Year to Buy a Second Home in Santa Clarita

If you’ve ever dreamed of purchasing investment property, owning a vacation home or buying a home in Santa Clarita for a family member, this could be the year to check that off your bucket list.  With record low interest rates and decreased prices, it is a buyer’s market, particularly in the second-home market.

Before you sign on the dotted line of another mortgage, be it for a beach condo in Florida or a home in Santa Clarita that you plan to rent, be sure to:

  • Check your credit. The same rules apply for a getting a mortgage on a second home as on a first.  Good credit means better loan terms.
  • Save for a down payment. The more money you can put down, the lower your mortgage.  If you put 20% down, you can save money by avoiding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) requirements
  • Check your budget.  It may be cheaper to rent that ski villa or palm tree paradise for a month than pay a mortgage year round. Consider what you really want in a second home, and what you are willing to pay for that.
  • Check your time.  Choose a second home carefully and make sure that you will really use it, or can rent it when you are not using it. There is no sense paying for a second home that remains shuttered and locked.

Once you consider the basics of your situation, you can begin looking for a second home with the confidence that you can afford the time and expense it requires.  Your second home could be just around the corner – or palm tree.

If buying a second home in Santa Clarita is on your bucket list, give me a call today at [661-505-timv] or email me at [tim@timsells.net].

You can get more information or contact me on my website. Or search for your next home at ThinkSCVHomes.com.

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